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The HANG 5 is a NEW Revolutionary lithium battery-powered spray attachment for applying single-ply roofing membrane adhesive. Sprays with Five Nozzles at a 5 foot width for even coverage of 500 square feet per minute or 10 Nozzles at 1,000 square feet per minute with a second bar attached. On-board integrated cleaning system allows the HANG 5 to clean all the spray nozzles and hoses with the push of a button. This one of a kind patent pending design allows for fast, easy, mobile application of any one-part single-ply adhesive. Carries up to six 20 lb, 40 lb or 85 lbs adhesive canister tanks simultaneously.

  • Coverage: 500-1,000 Square Feet Per Minute with 2nd Bar Attached.
  • Power: Lithium Battery Powered 
  • Setup: Quick, Simple, and Easy!
  • Self Cleaning: Integrated On-Board Cleaning System Cleans Hoses and Nozzles with Push of a Button!
  • Self-Contained Control Box
  • Run Time: 2 hours of continuous run time with single 5′ bar or 1 hour with 10′ bar on a fully charged 20v or 24v Lithium-Ion Battery. (example: DeWalt 20V and 24V MAX Batteries)
  • Made In The USA!

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AMPED EQUIPMENT Logo Vector 2022_v5


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