The VA1 SP is an Air-Purge Manifold Spray Gun for applying two-part A+B roofing adhesives, that allows you to do any application with one gun,  including Static Bead, Splatter/Spatter, Full Spray, Air Purge and more. This plural component applicator is self cleaning and designed for use with The PJR Roof Spray Cart. Save time and money with this one of a kind roof membrane adhesive spray gun that is changing the industry.

  • The worlds first and only self-cleaning two-part spray adhesive applicator
  • Spray multiple bead patterns with a single gun simultaneously
  • Spray faster and longer thanks to the lightweight, ergonomic design of the VEE AIR ONE SP
  • More accurate and specific spray pattern application control
  • Padded, Comfort Fit Manifold Handle and Forearm Cuff

How does it work? When the hand valve is in the off position, compressed air quickly pushes product through to the tip. This means you won’t need to constantly change tips every time you have to stop or pause the system. With decreased consumables, reduced downtime & increased productivity, the VEE-AIR ONE Spray Gun is the right choice for your crew.

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Unleash the capacity & efficiency of your team with the VEE AIR ONE SP Manifold Air-Purge Adhesive Spray Gun. The VEE AIR ONE SP Manifold Air Purge Bead Applicator Spray Gun allows you to do any application with one gun including Bead, Splatter, Air Purge & more


Two-Part Roof Adhesive Spray Cart for 15 Gallon Drums, Bag-In-a-Box, or Jugs with Full Spray, Static Bead, Splatter and Air Purge spray capabilities all in one unit. This versatile, high-speed & high performance fully mobile low-rise foam applicator cart is the #1 A+B dispensing system on the market. Made in America, this patented cart utilizes a custom OEM GRACO Reactor along with a Vee-Air One SP Manifold applicator gun as key components to increase application speed and quality on the job - saving you time and money where it counts.

15 Gallon Drum Warmers

Amped Equipment's 15 Gallon Drum Wraps are custom designed for warming metal or plastic drums to an optimal temperature of 100°F for spray foam & insulation adhesive application. These new warming wraps offers a fast, safe, economical, and energy saving way to keep 2-part (a+b) drums at optimum temperature for better application results. These custom drum warmers have a pre-set maximum temperature of 100°F and self-regulate at set temp.