In 2012 we began custom designing and manufacturing patented spray equipment that evolved into “Amped Equipment”. Amped Equipment was initially started to meet the request of our customers who were seeking a fast, reliable, and easy to use two-part A+B roof adhesive application system that was both mobile, and easy to maintain. Now, in 2022 we are the industry leading mobile roofing spray cart company, and we could not be more proud and grateful to serve roofers across North America. 

Amped Equipment is the proud home of roofing’s #1 Mobile Spray Carts “The PJR” 2-Part Spray Foam Rig for 15 Gallon Drums, and “The P55” 2-Part Mobile Spray Foam Rig for 55 Gallon Drums. Our latest achievement has been the development of the HANG 5 Single-Ply Roof Membrane Adhesive Applicator that is sold as both an attachment for our “Donkey” & “Lil’ Donkey” Mobile Bonding Adhesive Spray Carts, or as a stand alone unit. 

We also provide some of the best and most popular material warming wrap blankets for cylinders, canister tanks, drums, barrels, buckets/pails, and Hot Box Pallet Heaters and Caulk Warmers.

You can find out more about Amped Equipment’s full product line here -> AMPED.

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