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NEW FLIP CART Mobile Single Ply & Two-Part Roofing Adhesive Sprayer for Patriot Junior and Donkey Carts!

Apply single-ply adhesive and 2-part low-rise foam adhesives with a single cart using the brand new “FLIP” cart from Amped Equipment. Roofers can now do single ply and plural component adhesive applications with a single unit with the brand new “FLIP” cart from Amped Equipment.

Flip Kit Includes:

  • (1) PJR OEM Graco Reactor 
  • (1) 50 ft. A+B Hose Bundle, 3/8″ Diameter
  • (2) 10 ft. A+B Whip Hoses, 3/8″ Diameter 
  • (1) V-Manifold Static Gun
  • (20) Static Mixing Nozzle Tips
  • All Other Standard Features – Includes, Cart, Flip attachment, etc.
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