Hot Box Pallet Heating Blanket Heater Warming Wrap
Ultimate Hot Box Bulk Material Warmer
64 Cubic Feet, (48″ x 48″ x 48″)

The Amped Hot Box utilizes a high efficiency carbon heating grid that evenly distributes heat throughout the entire material warmer. The heating element is built with a integrated fixed temperature Thermostat as a Redundant Safety Feature. Our heating elements, unlike others, decreases current as temperature increases which results in a safer and more efficient product. The Amped Hot Box is outfitted with a GFCI for extra security for both the product and user.

  • The Amped Hot Box utilizes heavy-duty vinyl that is NFPA Certified Flame Retardant.
  • Hot Box Vinyl is scuff, water, and UV resistant.
  • We outfit our blankets with adjustable mounting straps, and Velcro edges for easy attachment
  • Vinyl Panel Perimeters are sealed with Fully Welded Seam.
  • Every blanket includes a Foil Faced High Thermal Efficiency Closed Cell Foam Insulation, directing the infrared heat to the product being heated.
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55 Gallon Drum + Barrel Heaters | Warming Wrap Blankets
(80°F to 100°F)

Custom 55 Gallon Drum Warming Wraps were designed specifically for two part insulation adhesive and low rise spray foam materials. With optimal temperature settings of either 80 or 100, these drum heaters will maintain the proper temperature to maximum efficiency and help extend your spray season. 

  • Outer wrap made from Durable Nylon
  • Inner wrap made with Heat Retaining Flexible Barrier
  • Insulation layer made from Closed Cell Polypropylene
  • Hook & Loop  Closure & Adjustable Cinch Straps
  • Built-In Power Cord Storage Pocket 
  • Color: Amped Equipment Purple
  • 55 Gallon Drum Warmer Maximum Heat 100°F / Low Temp 80°F
  • 36” High x 83” Long
  • Voltage: 120 VAC
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15 Gallon Drum Warmers • Heated Wrap Blanket

Amped Equipment’s 15 Gallon Drum Wraps are custom designed for warming metal or plastic drums to an optimal temperature of 100°F for spray foam & insulation adhesive application.

These new warming wraps offers a fast, safe, economical, and energy saving way to keep 2-part (a+b) drums at optimum temperature for better application results. These custom drum warmers have a pre-set maximum temperature of 100°F, and once that temperature is reached, the warmers self-regulate. This ensures that material temperature is optimized at all times during application in cold weather, and allows you to extend your spray season and increase productivity. 

  • 1 Wrap Each
  • Temperature set to optimal 100°F
  • Lightweight, Easy to use
Ready to use right out of the package:

Step 1: Unroll the warming wraps and attach to drums

Step 2: Plug them into any outlet and you are good to go!

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Amped Equipment’s custom Caulk Warmer Bag will allow you to work through freezing cold temperatures during the winter months, saving you time and money on the job by keeping caulk, tapes, sealants, adhesives and other items warm at 80°F, even when outdoor temperature is -15°F below zero! 
  • Maximum Temperature: 115°± Fahrenheit
  • Self regulated thermostat maintains internal temp of 80°F even when outside temp is -15°F below zero!
  • Weatherproof, water resistant, durable, heavy-duty warming pouch
  • Plugs into any 120V AC or 12V DC inverter
  • Made with a unique flexible heat shield that reflects and contains heat, and insulated nylon canvas with vinyl liner 
  • Equipped with a convenient frontside storage pocket for power cord or other items


  • 12 Standard Caulk Tubes or 7 Quart Size Caulk Tubes
  • 7 Sausage Size Caulk Tubes
  • 12 Cartridges that are 10.2 oz
  • 8 Cans of Spray Foam
  • 12 Rolls of Sealing Tape
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