The B.A.D. Donkey is a fully accessorized, mobile adhesive/primer spray application cart. B.A.D. Donkey has the capability to run 2 guns simultaneously to increase production, decrease downtime and maximize efficiency & cost savings. There is no other cart on the market like The Donkey!

Benefits of The Donkey Roofing Spray Cart:

  • Heavy Duty, Fully Accessorized, Self Contained, Mobile Carrying Cart. 
  • Store your guns in the holsters filled with solvent when pausing application or stopping for the day and your guns & hoses will stay sealed air-tight, ready to continue spraying whenever your crew is ready. 
  • The Large CAV Grip III Tanks are 85 lbs each! With a Donkey there is no need for manually carrying around heavy tanks by hand, or in a messy, unstable wheelbarrow or cart.


  • (2x) Spray Wand Holsters
  • (2x) Hose Holding Racks
  • Generator Mount
  • Storage/Tool Box for storing extra spray tips, tools, documents, etc.
  • Retractable Straps for Securing Canisters
  • Carries 6 or 8 Tanks Simultaneously (20 gal. and/or 80 gal. tanks) with rear platform gate pulled down