The HANG 5 is an adhesive spray attachment for Donkey Carts. The Hang 5 comes equipped with 5-Nozzles that spray at 5′ width for even coverage of 500 square feet per minute; add a second Hang 5 bar for 1,000 square feet per minute coverage. Equipped with an on-board integrated cleaning system with a line to connect to any adhesive cleaner/ remover or solvent in a cylinder, the Hang 5 cleans all of the spray nozzles and hoses with the push of a button.

  • Quick Release Bar Pins
  • 2nd Bar Resting Rack
  • Optional Side Rearview Mirrors
  • Wind Screen



  • 500 Square Feet Per Minute
  • 1000 with 2nd Hang 5 Bar attached


  • Lithium Battery Powered
  • Self-Contained Control Box

Self Cleaning:

  • Integrated On-Board Cleaning System
  • Cleans hoses and nozzles with the push of a button!

Battery Power Time*:

  • 2 Hours continuous run time with 5 foot bar
  • 1 Hour continuous run time with double 5 foot bar
    *On fully charged 20v or 24v Lithium-ion battery

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More about the New Hang 5 Battery Powered Single-Ply Adhesive Carrying and Dispensing Spray Cart

HANG 5 Roof Adhesive Sprayer Cart Highlights, 2022 (Amped Equipment) from Amped Equipment on Vimeo.